Finixio Donates £50,000 to RNV Nepal, Supporting Childrens Education

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Finixio Donates £50,000 to RNV Nepal, Supporting Childrens Education

Aware of our social responsibility, Finixio has chosen to donate £50,000 to RNV Nepal, who supports childrens education in the Khokana district in Nepal.

RNV Nepal’s outcomes are:

-To promote educational opportunities to the young generation in the Khokana district in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

-Aid access to medical care

-Alleviate poverty

Their team’s diverse efforts include:

-Providing emergency relief in events of natural disasters.

-Supporting children’s education 

-Providing care to orphans.

-Alleviating drug dependency

-Supporting leprosy sufferers

-Provision medical care for those without access

-Training and supporting start up businesses

“We have helped some of Nepal’s poorest children in the Kathmandu Valley. We have raised funds for deprived and needy children living in environments and conditions that dictate that education has either ceased to be available, or is simply not an option. We endeavor to change the life and future opportunities for some of these children.” 

– RNV Nepal 

“We hope our donation will have a positive impact and enable the charity to achieve their potential and future goals, and we look forward to providing updates in the future.”

Adam Grunwerg, Co-Founder.